Reflections: Accessibility

Let’s talk for a little bit about accessibility, or lack thereof.  Most of the time I am fine with using a powerchair.  But, it seems that every once in awhile I am reminded that it can be tough.  Last week was one of those times.  I was unable to do something I wanted simply because of my wheelchair twice.  First, my family tried to make hotel reservations at a Washington DC hotel for the end of May when my cousin is getting married.  We called the hotel the rest of the party is staying at only to discover that the hotel is not wheelchair accessible.  They were pretty nice though, and gave us info on a hotel across the street that better serves our needs.  This was good, but we will have to pay a little more than other guests coming to the wedding since the rate at our hotel is higher and we will also be farther from them.  The other instance, occurred when my sister and I tried to go see a movie at a local theater that has been around for ages.  I was able to get into the building to the ticket area, but there was no way for me to get to the actual theater area.  Again, the guy was pretty nice which helped.  But, it was definitely a reminder that my disability limits what  I can do (which isn’t something I focus on).

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