My Life As A College Student

By: Talia

What’s my place in my pack? My favorite class at Riverview is Theater because I love to sing, dance, act and read scripts all of the time. I am so excited for the Deja Vu’s Riverview Awards Show in March 2019 and I am playing Munchkin #7 in the Wizard of Oz scene: Munchkin Land. I sometimes remember little things because I brain fart a lot or if I am being dopey and not paying attention. I will be working on remembering things big and little things from now on. My most used emotion to my friends at school is the heart because I am a hopeless romantic and I love Romeo and Juliet. My favorite The Nutcracker and The Four Realms character is Clara (played by Mackenzie Foy) because she is confident, amazing and a hopeless romantic like me. Also, she is a princess and I am a princess too. One word to describe me is entertaining because I am a huge movie fanatic and I love romantic movies from Romeo and Juliet, The Princess Diaries and Clueless. If my friend doesn’t respond to my text, I start to worry because it might be bad weather outside and there is a hall passing at school. I am the first one to go in for a hug because I love my GROW girlfriends. I’m the Sweetie! I’m like the mom of my friend group! Why? I’m incredibly nurturing and protective! My buds know they can come to me with all of their problems and I’ll be there to listen to them and give them a big hug. They love how much I care!

Which era of Shawn Mendes am I? I’ve always known what I want to be majoring in at Cape Cod Community College is Animal Care because I love dogs, cats, horses, birds and all kinds of animals around the world. If I had the chance to be student body president, I’d need to think about it because I don’t like bad things in my life and I love good things in my life. When I first start crushing on a particular boy, I tell my BFF Katie about it on the phone because it’s so hilarious and funny. Keeping it real, being independent and laying my heart out on the line? That’s me! I’m confident in myself and know how I want to make a difference in the world, like Shawn Mendes. Keep doing me because it’s working!

Discover my new workout jam! “Almost Love” by Sabrina Carpenter: This pop hit will be my new obsession! I love jams that give me the feels, so if “Almost Love” is on during a spin class or a walk around the track at school, it’s the bop to get me through my workout.

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