By: Morgan

Warning to readers, this is more anecdotal, quite personal.

Its human nature for us as a culture to want companionship, disabled or not.

At 24, I am currently in a personal growth stage, open to dating for a long-term partner. Maybe young to some but I think a majority of us can agree on the cards you are dealt shape your personality.

I want to be honored and respected. I do not think chivalry is dead and I think society should let a man be a man. Argue with me politely if you must, I think men need to be needed like history told it was a necessity to hunt until evolution changed that. Just like woman want to be taken care of gather people together and nurture others.

My faith is my coping mechanism. A place to seek refuge in my relationship with God is to know that he wouldn’t have created me this way unless I could handle the bullying and persecutions of other individuals.

My momentum is expanding my education. The more you know the better you will become, right? I  already mentioned I am reading a lot of Personal Growth and Relationships.

Book Talk to come :)

[He, heterosexual female looking for a man] has to love my boy, Dewey II as much as they love me. He responds to being loved in gifts and words of affirmation, while I receive it in quality time and acts of service. I fall into the anxiety attachment theory, but I am making a conscious effort to be more secure. I am an ENFP – a campaigner, I care about building friendship and as a downfall, I hate being micromanaged. As a  4 in the Enneagram, I’m an individualist, I run to my own beat of a drum.

Link to the podcast mouthing off by Olivia Caridi on Radio. Com  

Olivia sat down with friend Caroline Hobby and wrote a Letter to God or whatever you believe in, put your wishes to the universe.

I want someone who is equally as motivated and challenges me, is an intellectual, cerebral and adventurous. I tend to be a homebody, I need someone to get me out to show me how to have a fun time instead of motor planning every single one of my decisions. Someone strong-willed, a little rugged.

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