Reply to Alexa at Westchester Day School

By: Grace

Hey Alexa!

Tomorrow I go back to school after a great winter break.  I hate to go to school because I do not like homework or fire drills.  No, I do not walk at school. Mostly I use my wheelchair. I can walk but my legs get tired and I don’t walk fast enough to get to my classes on time.  Sometimes I do walk and push my wheelchair so that I get exercise.

I am sorry I just got so caught up with the Bengals football game but I will try to stay focused.

So you asked what school I go to, I go to Indian Hill High School.  The letters for it are IHHS.  I know weird right?

So I did not try out for Annie, I tried out for How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. I did a song from Annie as my audition.  I didn’t get a part though. I am really upset.  I am going to be in crew though.

Listen, have you ever had 2 friends who you thought were your friends then they just put you down?  There are 2 girls at school who do that to me and it makes me sad.  I usually eat lunch at their table because some of my other friends eat with them.  They say and do things that make me feel bad.  But let’s not talk about sad stuff.

I went to NYC after New Year’s Eve. Did you go see the ball drop or did you see it on TV? When I was in NYC I saw “Annie”.  It was lovely!  I love the song “It’s a Hard Knock Life.”  I also took a carriage ride in Central Park. It was great.

Hey do want to see me? Go to and put in the search box and type grace cail at mda camp. Well that is all I have to say.


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