Reply to Allison at Westchester Day School

By: Grace

Hey Allison!

Happy New Year!  I was just in NYC for a few days with my family.  It was sooooo cold but it was fun at the same time. I went on a carriage ride in Central Park, ate lunch at The Plaza Hotel, went to museums and libraries and best of all I went to see the musical “Annie.”  It was great.

I like this boy and he invited me to go to a movie.  We went to see Philomena.  It was good and I cried.

I read that you have 2 brothers.  I have 2 brothers also Ben and Hank but Hank is really my dog, but I like to say he is my little brother.

I had a fun holiday what about you?

Do you like Emma Watson?  She plays Hermoine Granger in Harry Potter.  I like the book Little Women and the Harry Potter books too.

It is a lot of fun blogging with you. Write back more.


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