Reply to Class 3S Orchard Elementary School

Thank you all for writing to me.  Here are my replies to some of your questions in your letters.

My favorite food is taco. I don’t watch movies that much. When I was little, I used to like yellow but now my favorite color is purple.  I kinda of like sports.  If I had to choose a sport, will be badminton and swimming. I have 2 older brothers, their names are Andrew and Michael. My best buddies are Sara and Chloe. They are in 10th grade too. I have a dog name, Biscuit.  I like 10th grade so far and all of my teachers are nice. The 10th grade math is so easy to me but some people think it’s hard.  I like to play baseball and basketball with my dad for fun. I love to bake because my dad use too be a baker.

I loved all your wonderful letters, they were great!

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