Reply to Gabby at Hawes Elementary School

Dear Gabby

I have an art class at school but thanks for recommending I take one. Blonde hair and blue eyes?!?! Lucky!! That’s like my 3 year old sister, Talia. It WOULD be nice to be penpals. I have 2 pets: a dog (Bamm-Bamm) and a rabbit (Quigley). I am an older and youger sister…Irina is 10 and Talia is 3. I live in South Portland, Maine. I was born in Portland Maine but first lived in scarborough Maine. I love animals too! I love horses, dogs, rabbits, and zebras. Ohhh, sorry to hear you can’t have a horse :-(

That’s a lot of places. I’ll write where I’ve been: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Florida, Wisconsin and Texas. Thanks for writing.  Happy New Year!


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