Reply to Hawes Elementary School

Dear Eshaan
Sorry for the late reply. I attend Valley View High School. I mastered several strokes. Dolphin kick, back stroke, dog paddle and underwater swimming are my favorites. because my left arm is weak I try to do strokes a little differently. But I love swimming. Keep swimming.
Dear Jeffrey
Sorry for the late reply. I am in 10th grade. I go to Valley View high school. I don’t play basket ball, but I play baseball and soccer.
There is no special needs basketball team in my area.  but if there is one probably I will join. Thanks for the letter.
Dear Gavin
Sorry for the late reply. I love to take pictures and videos of every thing I do. Soccer, baseball, trips and tours, cheerleading, therapies, playground and restaurants.
I will make a dvd after I take enough videos and I keep watching them all the time.
I like to give and share more than receiving. I love cheerleading.  I feel so happy when I do that. I make dvds and will share them with my coaches and therapists. They love it when I give the dvds to them.
I like to see everyone happy and smiling.
Thank you for your letter and kind words.
Dear Mason
Sorry for the late reply. I am in 10th grade. I go to Valley View high school. I just turned16 Jan 6th. I live in Pennsylvania.
I am a lucky boy although I have lot of stuff. But I am happy all the time.  I make everyone smile. I am very busy with school and other activities.  When I take pictures and videos I feel very happy. Thank you for your kind words.

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