Reply to Hawes Elementary School

Hello Everyone at Hawes Elementary School

Thank you for all your wonderful letters!  Here is my reply to you all!

I do have an art class in school. We have a new teacher AGAIN this year. I have been there since kindergarten and this is the 3rd art teacher. I LOVE to read. I REALLY enjoy The Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemoney Snicket. My favorite color is turquoise blue, my room is painted that color. I get a lot of homework, so I come home and do it and then sometime go out and play or hang out with my sisters. I did do Girls on the Run for a while in the fall, so I was busy with that then. I’m 9 and my favorite sport to watch is gymnastics.

I do like to accessorize and create my own statement with my outfits–so yes I like fashion. Favorite food is NYC pizza!!! I wear pants more often. I enjoy Full House, Boy Meets World, and The Cosby Show. I have never been to Hawaii, Asia, Africa. If I had to pick a role model, I ‘d say the gymnast Aly Raisman. My favorite plays are Annie and Sound of Music—they are both awesome!!

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