Reply to Liceo Scientifico Classico

Hi Rita, Matteo & Stefano!

I am happy to see a letter from you.  I like school okay but I like the weekends more.  I have fun going horseback riding.  I play with my toys and iPad.  I like to watch movies and be home.  No homework to do on the weekends too!

I went to Italy when I was 8.  It was pretty I think but I don’t know.  We were on a big boat and I liked the kids camp on the boat a lot. My mom is 1/2 Italian and my dad is 1/2 Italian.  Am one whole Italian or no?

I have one fish now, Peke.  The other fish Poke died.  My friend William has a whole big tank of fish.

My hair is long but it hurts to brush it.  Mom says that if I don’t brush it, we will cut it short like JJ’s.  I will look like a boy and so I brush it.

Bye from your friend Grace

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