Reply to Westchester Day School

By: Austin

Hi Everyone!

Thank you so much for all your letters!  Here are some answers to your questions.

  1. I do not play any sports but if I did I would do baseball.
  2. I usually do on my videos on youtube. :)
  3. It was so SO AMAZING to play at the MetLife Stadium for the Giants. It gives you such an amazing feeling and not a lot of people can say they’ve been on the field.
  4. I didn’t meet any of the Giants players :(
  5. Luckily I didn’t get bullied too much and I rarely do today. I’m completely okay with people staring at me because they’re just curious and I get that.
  6. I love to play all types of music :)
  7. Ed Sheeran inspired my music :)
  8. I don’t watch sports but Yankees and Giants!
  9. I’ve been in the school band ever since 4th grade and marching band for two years.
  10. I am in 10th grade!

Thank you again for writing to me!


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