Reply to Westchester Reform Temple

By: Jonah


Thanks for sending me a letter.

My favorite subject in school is computer lab.  I like it because I don’t have to work so hard on handwriting and listening to the teacher with my hearing aid.  I am much better at learning on the computer.  I also like reading.  I have been reading every night before bedtime and I like stories that make me laugh.  It’s cool to read a story and imagine myself in it.  My mom said that every night I am getting better at my reading.  My sister Farrah has a hard time listening.   She always tries to take my book away.

I like vacation, but I always miss my teachers and friends a lot.  I really love learning new things and working hard.

That’s cool that you all like video games and Ipads.  I like to play Skylanders and Lego Batman with my brother Kaden on the weekends.  On my Ipad, I LOVE Minecraft.  I will send you some pictures of mine.  Do you all play Minecraft or Skylanders?  What are your favorite games? I like music a lot.  Maybe my mom can let me play an instrument.  She said it takes a lot of practice.

I like chocolate too!  M&Ms are my favorite candy.   I like spaghetti and meatballs and I love pizza.  I eat a lot because I take special medicine to help me grow.  It is a shot I have every night in my leg called growth hormone.  I get upset when it is time to get poked.  My mom tells me it’s important and that I will not grow unless I have it every day.



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