Reply to Westchester Reform Temple


Charlie, Matthew, Trevor, Max, Jake, Jack, Ryan, Eli, Jack #2, Noah, Aaron, Cole and Josh

It is a pleasure to get mail from friends like you and I am happy to reply. I am thrilled to learn about you all.

I am in the high school in the special needs section and in my class there are12 kids. Last year I underwent a major surgery in the hips and legs, and I am slowly recovering but still I get lot of help from mom and attendants Ester and Patricia who come home on a daily basis.

I love going to school and Katie comes to pick me up in a van.

I get homework every day.  Mondays I get lot of homework and Fridays I don’t get any. But I finish them on time.

I love instrumental music – pan pipes, piano, flute etc. My ears bother me if I listen to heavy metals.

This year my cheer leading team is going to be busy as we are travelling to Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Ocean City Maryland and Virginia. Wish us luck. We have started to practice our routine. I am sending the dance part of it for you all to see.

I love taking video. I take them during my spare time using my camcorder.

Mom promised me to get another camcorder for this Christmas.  It will be awesome to take short clips using it, I can’t wait.  Sometimes, I do take pictures and make a slideshow and watch it on my digital photo albums.  I have 3 of them.

Thanks for letting me know your interests in music and I must go into

YouTube and listen to the other songs.  Mom will help me.

Love you guys!


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