Reply to Westchester Reform Temple

By: Grace

Dear Sharing Shabbat bloggers

I am so sorry that I have not blogged much.  I have been so busy.  Right now my family is preparing for Thanksgiving.  It will just be the four of us for dinner but some friends might come over for pie.  What is your family doing for Thanksgiving?

By the way what is your favorite episode of Good Luck Charlie?  My favorite is “special delivery part 2”.  So here is what I like.  I love swimming.  My favorite stroke is underwater breaststroke.  We have a pool so I get to swim a lot in the summer.  I love soccer.  I used to play on a soccer team when I was really young but I don’t now.  I do go horseback riding though. I ride at CTRH. It stands for Cincinnati Therapeutic Riding and Horsemanship.  I ride a horse named Blue. He is a bumpy trotter.  I love to be on a horse.

You asked me about homecoming I did not win homecoming queen but I did go with a senior because he is very nice and cute.  It was fun but loud so I did not stay long.

Now, about the elevator.  It is sort of fun because I do not have to take the stairs and the stairs are a nightmare.  Only kids who are with me get to ride the elevator unless they have a broken leg or something.  I use the elevator at school because I am in a wheelchair.  I can walk just not long distances.  Now I am faster than anybody else.

I have a dog named Hank he is a Lab and he is cuddly. Labs, Siberian Huskies, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are my favorite dogs.

I had a choir concert at Bellarmine   Chapel, at Xavier University recently.  It was beautiful.  I got to wear a long black dress.

I am in the Key Club at my school. We do service projects.

What do you do at Shabbat Sharing?

What are your Shabbat services like?



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