Reply to Westchester Reform Temple

By: Byron

Hey everyone at Westchester Reform Temple

The best part about being the manager of the soccer team is that even though I can’t play a sport I am still part of the team. I go to all the practices and games and they treat me like part of the team, which I guess I am.

I don’t know if it made it harder for me to learn I know I take longer to understand things but I had my surgery at such a young age that I don’t remember anything before or a while after the surgery.

People have been very rude to me. The way I deal with it is that I ignore them.

I can move my arm but not my fingers are in a brace.

I think I was in 2nd or 3rd grade. I would go to Dr.’s appointment with my parent and I would hear them talking to the Dr. about my condition and that I couldn’t see out of the right side of each eye. I then started asking questions about what happened to me after that.

People have made fun of me. I have moved to a different school because of it and it got a lot better after that.

When I’m just shooting around I am very good at basketball. When in a game I’m not that great.

I like history because I find it really interesting to learn about what happened or is happening in the world.

We all have many things in common I like Football my favorite teams being The New England Patriot and The Washington Redskins. I like Baseball my favorite team being The New York Yankees. I was the manager at my school for LAX so I enjoy that sport as well. I also like hockey the teams I like are the Boston Bruins, Detroit Red Wings, and the Washington Capitals. My favorite food is pasta and sushi. Other than history my favorite subject in school is Intro to programming. My favorite book/ movie is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Hangover, The Hunger Games, 8 mile, and Harry Potter.

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