Reply to Ypsilanti New Tech High School

Hi Shakia and Ashia

I like your letter. You both sound nice.

I get scared sometimes.  I was scared on Saturday I didn’t want to go horseback riding.  I fell off the horse Skippy and now I don’t want to go anymore.  I petted Stella the horse and like horses still but didn’t want to climb up. Mommy says that it is okay to be scared but we have to do things anyway.  Next week maybe I will want to ride, I don’t know.  I got scared swimming too.  I didn’t want to jump off the blocks.  It was so high up!  School is kind of scary too, everything happens fast and I get confused by stuff.  I wish my  brain was fast and I could talk fast too.  That is what is not easy for me.

I met Rick when I was little.  He took my picture and made me laugh.  He was funny!

Bye from Grace

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