Reply to Ypsilanti New Tech High School

By: Jonah

Reply to Ypsilanti New Tech High School

Thanks for the letters.  You all live near the Michigan Wolverines!!

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite food my mom makes: Chicken noodle soup

Favorite food my dad makes: steak

Favorite artist: Araabmuzic  Favorite song: Electronic Dream here is a link to the song

Favorite place: Florida

Favorite thing to do: play video games and spend time with my family

What is beautiful to me:

Nice and happy people are beautiful.  Nature is the most beautiful to me. Everything is special and different.

Favorite candy: I like kit kats

Favorite subject: Math

Favorite movie: Monsters Inc.

My birthday is June 25, 2006

Favorite Sport: I like to watch the Michigan Wolverines play football with my dad.  I don’t really like to play sports.  I do like to swim a lot.

About me:

I am just me.  I don’t think of my challenges because I am just Jonah.  Everything about me is what makes me me. I hope others see Jonah and get to know me.  I am a very good friend.

I LOVE the Michigan Wolverines!  I want to go to a football game there.

When I grow up, I want to be happy and go to the University of Michigan to learn more.  I want to live in an apartment with a dog and a cat and have my own washer and dryer. I want to have a blue truck.  I will have my family over for dinner.

Rick is a really good friend.  He makes me feel happy and special. He talks to me and takes time to listen. Rick has made me really interested in cameras.  I love taking pictures and videos of people and nature and showing people how I see things.  I like to show people more than talking and show them things in nature that they may not take time to see and love. Like leaves, and the ground that you walk on, and the way the sun shines through the clouds and trees.  I just love everything about being alive.  Being outside in nature is the best place.

My friend Rick took this picture.

Reply to Ypsilanti

Love Jonah

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