Reply to Zach at Westchester Day School

By: Grace

Hi Zach!

I was just in NYC for 4 days with my family.  I got to go see “Annie”, had lunch at The Plaza, went shopping, took a carriage ride in Central Park and went to the Morgan Library and the Metropolitan Art Museum. I had the most fun on the carriage ride because I got to feed the horse a carrot. The horse’s name is Buddie.  I also loved seeing “Annie” too.  It was so cold in NYC but I got to have a blanket wrapped around me, because when we travel like that I use a wheelchair because it is hard for me to walk very far and very fast.  I was lucky because I stayed warm with that blanket wrapped around me.

I saw that you like “Good Luck Charlie”. My favorite character is Bridget Mendler who plays Teddy. Who do you like? Do you make video diaries like Teddy does for Charlie? I do sometimes.

Have you been traveling over the holidays?  You mentioned your birthday in November, what did you get for your birthday?  In November, I went to Harry Potter World in Orlando. I went inside the Hogwarts castle, and all the shops. I loved Honeydukes and Olivander’s Wand shop.  I got Ginny Weasley’s wand and I tried butter beer but did not like it. I have read some of the books but not all of them.  My brother has read all of them many, many times.  My favorite movie is # 5 Order of the Phoenix.

Tomorrow I go back to school. I am very nervous and do not want to go back because I do not like fire drills and we have one every month.  I am worried about our January fire drill. I have a lot of anxiety about fire drills and any loud noises.  Do you like fire drills?  I was in the LaGuardia airport yesterday and the fire alarms were going off. I was very scared and anxious.  I have to put my fingers in my ears to block the sound.  My mom saw a man doing the same thing so I know I am not the only one.

Guess what, I think that you are a very kind and funny kid.  Maybe the next time I am in NYC I could meet you.  I might go to the Positive Exposure fundraiser in May.  If you go to it or do other things with PEARLS maybe I will get to meet you.

Well I am about to watch the Bengals football game and if you like the NY Jets then “go Jets!”



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