By: Morgan

Things I want to accomplish in 2019.

  1. I want to make my apartment my own and invest in quality pieces.
  2. I want to travel more; both in the USA and internationally.
  3. I want to go on dates, establishing a healthy, happy and monogamous relationship.
  4. Work on my finances – building credit, invest and save more.
  5. I want to make 3 new friends a month
  6. I want to find a new hobby or learn something new.
  7. I want to go back to school to advance my career, Masters Degree.
  8. I want to be better at the religious practice I believe in – I’m Catholic so I want to physically go to church more without the limits of my medical needs.
  9. Keep track of my moods and how it affects my ability to get things done.
  10. Set better boundaries and learn to say no as it applies to how much pressure I try to get done both interpersonal and trainable skills.

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