Running Free from my Anxiety at the Beach

By: Jonah

I love running on the shore at the beach. I have a lot of anxiety(I worry and think a lot) and sometimes it feels like it’s hard to catch my breath and feel relaxed and calm everyday.  When I go to a more private beach where it’s calm, I feel like I can just be in the moment and enjoy being a kid having fun. I love watching the waves come up on the shore then disappear. It’s so relaxing and I think it’s beautiful to watch where to water meets the sky when you look far in the distance.

When I have something wrong going on in my body and I’m sick, I have a lot more anxiety because sometimes I don’t know how to tell my mom something is wrong and my body doesn’t feel right. I’m working on being aware of my it myself so I can help myself feel better by communicating to my

Mom.  A lot of different things can be wrong so my mom never knows which thing it is or if something is new going on. Sometimes i can have an ear infection, my stomach can hurt because I had gluten on accident somehow, a have an infection somewhere, my thyroid(in my brain) can be not working, and other things. Sometimes there are new things going on in my body that we have to figure out with blood tests or other tests like X-rays or MRIs. For my mom to help me, I need to get better at helping her help me. This is hard for me because sometimes I just want to be a kid. I often don’t feel well and I think I am so use to it that I forget that I can feel better.


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