By: Grace

Hi Everyone!

Well school is going OK.  My favorite classes are theater, Braves Beat, and choir.  I take U.S. Government but it is hard and sometimes confusing.  I’m also taking a math class and an English class.

I am working really hard on my monologue and solo for my audition for the theater productions.  We are doing Into The Woods and Five One Act Plays.  I hope I get into both of them.  My monologue is from Mathilda.  It is the Lavender monologue when she is telling the audience that she is helping Mathilda but she can’t tell them how, but then she is so excited she tells the audience what they are going to do.

I have an acting coach. Her name is Torrie and she is great.  I went to see her in a play where she played 37 different parts with 8 different accents.  

I’ll write again soon.


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