science and math camp

By: Mia

In late June, I went to a science and math camp with my friend from Camp Dermadillo, Juliana. We spent the day at Texas Lutheran College taking fun classes about chemistry, physics, and even some about being a nurse!  Those classes were ok but my favorite part of the day was when they did a live demonstration of physics in real life! They even showed us how people who lay on a bed of nails dont have a scratch on them when they get up. How? ( well, they showed us that because there are so many nails, the weight of the person is distributed among all of the nails, all of the nails basically share the weight, causing the pressure to decrease on each nail). Yep that was kind of confusing, I’m not even sure I explained that right, but oh well. Anyways, after the college camp, I went home with Juliana to hang out for the rest of the day and then sleepover! We had a blast!! For the first couple of hours we stayed inside, ate dinner, watched some TV, and played with her 2 super cute dogs! As soon as it wasn’t so hot outside, we took her dogs on a walk around the neighborhood. It felt nice and cool outside because the sun was setting, so we had a nice relaxing walk! When we got back to the house we decided to go back out and swim at the pool by her house. It’s a private pool only for the people in the neighborhood, so it’s open pretty late. We went at 11 and had a blast!! And then we walked back to Juliana’s house, watched the hunger games, and fell asleep because we were exhausted from our long day. We did so much walking, that I got a a cramp in my calves that night, but it was definetly worth all of the fun we had!

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