Secret Pal

Did you know I have a Secret pal?  For the last year, mostly around a “major” holiday, I will get a package or a card in the mail.  For Thanksgiving, I got a huge Turkey balloon.  At Christmas, I got a small present 4 weeks in a row!!  The best present was the personalized M&Ms.  I have been trying to think who my Secret Pal might be.  I am thinking it is my Aunt Ann because for Thanksgiving I got a “gel” turkey door decoration which Aunt Ann had something similar for Christmas.

I had a very nice Christmas.  From my brother, Michael, I got Infinity and WiiU games.  All of the games were cool!  When he comes home on weekends, we play WiiU together.   During the week, Michael is at the Fire Academy training to become a firefighter.  Although he is already a volunteer firefighter in our town and has lots of training, he has to go through the training all over again.

Andrew, my other brother gave me a gift card to Disney.  This is because in 11 days, my dad and I are going to Disney World.  When my brothers were growing up, my dad took each of them separately on a diving trip to Florida. Now it is my turn to go to Florida with dad.  I can’t wait!

I got lots of clothes and gift cards.

I also got to see my 2nd cousins Lucy, Ryan and Will.  Will did not want to let go of my leg! And Lucy loved the huge stuffed dog I gave her.  When she saw it, she gave the dog a BIG hug!

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