Seeing Rick

By: Rachel

Seeing Rick
Just like every year,  I got to see Rick in December!!❄☃️
I love Rick’s welcoming hugs… 
This time I got to see him 2 days in a row.  I’m so glad we had time to catch up over my dessert and his supper and that yesterday I got to present with him about albinism  to medical students again! This time I also added talking about mental illness.  Just like with having albinism,  I used to hide my mental health problems,  but this year I found that I can help people by sharing my story.  Maybe someone else will go to counseling because I said I did,  or maybe one less person will think that severe mental illness means craziness.  The best way to explain what I talked about is by showing the recording!
After all of that excitement,  I was ready for a long,  2 hour nap. I don’t know how Rick has so much energy! I think I used to,  but I definitely don’t in grad school!! So I am snuggling with my kitties today.
It’s not only that I spoke with Rick for why I’m so tired. It’s because I’m done with school next week, so I’ve been working on my final projects a lot. I was supposed to learn 36 songs for my guitar final,  and then my advisor picked 3. It’s not perfect,  but I think this test was way better than my first year first tests.
And here are pictures of my Christmas trees that i decorated in my apartment.
And tomorrow Is my piano students’ piano recital! But last minute the senior living center we were going to play at got sick with the flu,  so now we’re all going to squish into my parents’ or my old piano teacher ‘s house!

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