Service dog

By: Rachel

Hi,  everyone! Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back on and post lately! I’ve been having a lot of depression and some medication side effects that have been making it hard to focus.

I’m trying to get a service dog! I’ve been raising money through GoFundMe for the dog, the supplies, and the training sessions.  This is different from a therapy or emotional support dog. This one will go with me anywhere to alleviate my symptoms from borderline Personality Disorder. So it’s a psychiatric service dog.

I thought I found the perfect one but it got adopted.  I’m choosing to adopt my own and then get it trained privately because the waiting list for organizations that train service dogs is like 3 years pretty often. To be a service dog it needs a task that it does for me, like massage me when I’m anxious.

I’ll write to you all again soon!

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