Sky Diving

By: Byron

Sky Diving
Since starting school a month ago, I have joined many clubs one of them being Skycats which is a skydiving club. Yesterday I drove an hour north of Tucson where I went skydiving for the first time ever with the club. When we started suiting up, it was exhilarating. Although I should have been nervous about the thought of jumping out of a plane 15,000 feet in the air I didn’t have one ounce of nervousness in my system. I was more excited just to jump and experience the thrill and freeness of jumping out of a plane. When we reached altitude, people started to jump and that’s when it hit me what I was about to do. As we jumped it felt like I could do anything. It was the freest I’ve ever felt. When I jumped, a camera man went with me and he told me prior to try and do something fun while we were falling, but with the speed and the wind made it hard to do anything while falling. When the parachute was pulled about a minute after leaving the plane, things became very peaceful and you could look around as we descended. Because we were half way in between Tucson and Phoenix we could look one direction and see Phoenix and the other direction we could see Tucson. It was a very smooth landing as we didn’t crash into the ground, which I saw some people do. In all I highly recommend Skydiving. I am probably going to be going again next month, which I am really excited about! Here are some pictures from the jump.
Here’s a link to the video of me sky diving!

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