Special Day

By: Jonah

Special Day

have a special group of friends at school.  We are in a group called LINKS.  We meet on Mondays at lunch and play a game and have a treat.  We all wear these cool shirts.  We talk about the good things I am doing at school and what we did over the weekend. Sometimes we also talk about some things that are a little tricky for me at school.  They have really helped me feel not so scared at my new school.

These friends make sure I always have a friend.  I especially like having a friend at recess.  Sometimes the games the kids play are a little hard for me to keep up because I don’t understand.  Whenever they play Cops and Robbers, they run so fast and I get frustrated because I can’t catch them. I also get confused on how they pretend to catch and arrest people.  I don’t really like this game and they always play it.  I don’t want to not play with them all though.
My LINKS friends and I gave each other gifts at the end of the year.  My mom wrote them all notes saying thank you for being so kind and that they were special to see people for who they are and taking time to get to know me.  I gave them all presents I picked out especially for them.

They made me these and gave me Legos, a treasure chest with sea shells, and candy.

It really helps me at school when I feel kids care about me.special-day-1



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