special shout out to my momma!!!!!

By: Morgan

special shout out to my momma!!!!!

I would like to start this off by saying, “ I made the most amazing discovery”.

My mom had a birthday yesterday! I won’t reveal her age although she hasn’t aged at all. People often think were sisters and not mom and daughter. I wanted to discuss the relationship I  have with her because its multi-faceted, unlike other 24-year-olds. Since 1963 – (do the math) in a suburb of Buffalo, new york. My mom was the youngest of nine kids. She’s a force to be reckoned with.

Over the years she and my dad have been by my side against my unique circumstances. I spend a lot of time with her in the car on the way to my appointments. A many to go lunches and revelations accompanied sometimes in laughter others a pile of tears.

Somehow, she always has a trick up her sleeve, never without an answer. A classic, prepster. The kind of job she loves. where she talks all day. So, my favorite times are weekends. We sit and talk about anything over coffee.

We always had solid dinners. I invite you to come to try her jambalaya, or chicken marsala, mac and cheese or lasagna just to name a few. Our beds were always made, with warm sheets, this woman is always doing laundry or ironing.

She’s a nurse, although she is more in a teaching role now she always knew what to do make things better. Colds were cured by laying on the couch in the living room a tea kettle whistling in the background, in  a pile of blankets, Campbell’s chicken noodle on the adjacent burner.

But, if you were supposed to be in school, there was no faking a sick day.

Today, you can find her on the phone with someone in the family, taking me somewhere, in her PJs watching housewives – but who isn’t? She has a love for horses, spider solitaire and there isn’t a task she can’t fix. Just don’t ask her to fly over the ocean. She’ll give you 67 reasons why you should just stay home.  

As I said, she pretty much as done everything I could ever want her to do for me and gone and done so to the milky way and back. She wanted my life to be just as normal like the other kids and it was.

Now and when I’m in my 30s, 40s and with medical advancement, she’ll be here when I’m in my 70s to walk me through my trials and tribulations. All I have to say is, “It’s going to be okay, mommy. If my CP won’t go away, I’ll just improvise.”

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  1. Pru January 7, 2019 at 8:53 pm - Reply

    WOW, you certainly have way with words and making me sound amazing, so thanks I am so lucky God gave you to me my bright and beautiful star ⭐️

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