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By: Grace

Hi Pearls,

I have had a fun time in NYC. We went there over the weekend because I had a 4 day weekend.

We arrived on Friday afternoon and went to our hotel. In the evening my mom and my brother and some family friends went to a greek place to eat while my dad and I went to see my favorite musical — Matilda.  It was my favorite part of the weekend.  We had front row seats.  I got to be close to the stage and see the actors close up.  During the scene when they swing, it looked like their feet were above us.  Being really close to the Trunchbowl was very scary.  My dad got me a Matilda shirt, cup and buttons because it is my favorite musical that I talk about every single day of my life.

We also went to the top of the Empire State Building.  I could see the Statue of Liberty from the top.  I learned that it took only about a year to be built and it was finished on the day before my birthday (just the day not the year).   We went out to eat at some good restaurants too and I got to go shopping a little bit.  We ate at Maison Keyser which is french place that I loved. It had the best croissants outside of Paris.  We ate at an Italian restaurant too. It is called Otto Enoteca. I really liked my ravioli and my gelato.

I use a wheelchair to get around most places. When we travel I have a travel wheelchair.  I feel very independent because I can get around the streets pretty well.  I don’t need much help.  Sometimes because I am in a wheelchair I feel different because people stare at me or because people treat me like I am a little kid or can’t talk, like they will ask my mom or dad something about me instead of asking me.  Sometimes its good too because sometimes we get to go ahead in the line.

I love NYC. It is beautiful and there is a lot to do but I don’t think winter would be easy for me.  It would be too cold and the snow would make it hard for me to get around.


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