Summer 2023 of Bullying

This exactly started during the conference cause one of friends Janinia kept on texting everyone singing she was so lonely. Then after that she tried to backstab me and get all our friends to leave me.  Guess what? She went from 8-10 friends to zero friends. I have good friends that will back me up.  Janinia wouldn’t leave us alone since we all blocked her on everything.  She would always get new # to text us saying “why do you block me?”  It was getting out of hand.  She wanted her friends back too but it was not happening. We had to tell someone to get this straight through to her.  She finally stopped texting us.  Isaiah was a good friend to Jaininia but even he couldn’t stand it either and blocked her.  Kayla knew something was up with Jaininia and she was right.  I’m also glad that Naiasia and Kayla sent me screenshots about what was going on. Kayla wrote a nice long message saying I wouldn’t say that stuff like cussing.

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