Summer Break Updates

So as of now I don’t have many updates in the past couple of weeks because it’s my summer break (and I’ve been binge watching Netflix…)

1) I received my schedule for orientation (August 7-11) and it looks like I will have so much information given to me in those five days.  I’ll also schedule my classes and be assigned my teaching assistant assignment that same week just two days after I move in!  I also registered for the grad school and TA orientations.  

2) I started buying furniture for my apartment because it’s unfurnished.  However I only have the floor plans so I’m not sure if I’ll need a microwave for example. I did find a dresser!  I have a bed and some other stuff, but it still sounds like I’ll be make a trip (or several trips) to Ikea this summer before I move.

3) It sounds like I will have a vacation this year.  I just booked my tickets for NOAH’s family camp!  I’ll be flying into Boston and the following morning I’ll be going to camp to be a counselor.  I’m so fortunate to have family in Boston that are willing to give me a ride to New Hampshire. Then I’ll go back to Boston after camp finishes and stay a couple extra days with family and go to Cape Cod.  

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