Summer Bucket List

I’m so excited for this summer.  We’ve started this summer’s bucket list.  The things we have so far are: Peter Pan Jr, STORYLAND (3x), Go to local beaches, Bike riding, See 2(+) musicals, Penny can, Badminton, Plant a garden, Ice cream truck, Rock Garden, Kinder Camp, and Theater Camp.

I’m extremely excited about Peter Pan Jr, a show I’m doing. I hope to get Peter Pan, Wendy, John, Michael, Mrs Darling, or Tiger Lily.  John and Michael are the youngest Darlings, John is older than Michael though.  Wendy is the oldest.  Mrs Darling is their mother.  Tiger Lily is a Native American they meet.  The website says that if there is a small cast a good pair of characters to double would be Mrs Darling and Tiger Lily.

I’m also doing a week long theatre camp with my friend.  They haven’t decided what to do but they think it’s going to be Once on This Island.  It’s about a peasant girl and this rich boy who fall in love but are pulled apart by their families. It sounds a lot like Aladdin from what I know.

Does your family have a summer bucket list?  If so, what’s on it?

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