Summer Camp

By: Grace

Every summer I go to Muscular Dystrophy (MDA) camp for a week.  I like it but I have always wanted to go to a camp like my brother gets to go to. This summer I also went to Camp Howe.  It is a normal camp and it is near Amherst, MA.  The day before I went to camp, me and my mom went to visit the Emily Dickinson’s house and I got a book of her poems.  It was very cool.  I wrote a paper about her once.

I liked Camp Howe.  I did things I have never done before, like I climbed rock wall all the way to the top.  I was scared so I brought my stuffed animal raccoon named Jasper, up with me.  I did the giant’s ladder and the high ropes course.  I was a little scared about going up on these but I was really scared about coming down.  But you do have to go down.  At Camp Howe I took part in the talent show and I sang “Tomorrow” from the musical Annie and everyone loved it.

I will still go to MDA camp every year because I like it and I have friends there but now I will also go to Camp Howe where it is not all about my disability.  I have to get ready for my horseback riding class now, so I have to go.

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