Surprise Audition!

On August 27th my family and I were getting ready to eat dinner when out of the blue my mom said:

My Mom: So do you want to go to the Christmas Carol auditions today?
Me: What?
My Mom: Do you?
Me: I mean… Maybe. Yeah, sure. But how would you find child care?
My Mom: I’m not sure… a miracle?
Me: Whatever works out.
I originally didn’t plan on going to these auditions but I planned on auditioning for A Christmas Story at another local theater.
Within the next hour and a half my mom found child care for my sisters, I got ready, grabbed my sheet music and my mom drove me to the audition. When we arrived at the theater there were only 3 or 4 other people there. I signed in with Wayne (the stage manager who I’ve worked with multiple times before), quickly filled in the form and attached my resume. I was the 4th person called into the audition room to sing. I sang If I Were A Bell from the musical Guys and Dolls. I messed up — TWICE. After two sentences I forgot the lyrics and then I rushed the ending (but quickly caught my mistake and slowed down). I was humiliated. I knew there was no chance of me getting into the show. I waited a little while in the lobby before I was called in a group to dance. The first few steps were easy but after that I was totally lost. The first time we showed it to the choreographer I failed, the second time I was a little better. Leaving the theater I felt really bad about the whole audition.
The next day they called my mom asking if I could come in for a callback. Of course my mom said yes. When we arrived two kids were already there and another kid trickled in shortly. Don (the director) came over to me saying that I had been called back for Grace/Fan and Tiny Tim. I thought I was only called back for Grace/Fan. Another kid, Gracie, was called back for the same parts. We sang a paragraph that Grace sings and a song that Tiny Tim sings. We acted out a scene for Tiny Tim and then acted out a scene for Fan with the kids who were called back for Scrooge at 12. One of the kids who was called back for Scrooge at 12 was late and finally trickled in so we did the scene with him. Then Gracie and I were free to go.
I knew that even if I didn’t get a part it was such a great experience and was well worth it!
The next day my mom suddenly said:
My Mom: So what part do you want more?
Me: Why?
My Mom: What part do you want more?
Me: I don’t have a preference.
My Mom: Tiny Tim or Marge and Fran?
Me: Do you mean Grace and Fan?
My Mom: Yeah.
Me: I don’t have a preference. Why?
My Mom: Because I want to know whether or not to accept Don’s offer.
Me: I don’t care. WAIT? Was I offered a part?
My Mom: Maybe.
Me: Tell me. Please? Please? Please. PLEASE?!
My Mom: (reluctantly) You were offered the part of…Grace and Fan?
Me: Eek! Really?! Oh my gosh! AH!
My Mom: So should I accept?
Rehearsals started on 9/18 and I’ve had more almost every Monday and Thursday. We’re having a cast potluck this Sunday (10/22) and I plan on making Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. 
How have you all been? I hope everything’s well.

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