The talent was about all the best buddies from a different school the Milton Wright High School. Danielle’s mom drove me to the talent. The people were there Katherine, Morgan, Beth, Tyrea, Justin, Patrick M, Patrick H, Danielle, Maddie, Laura, Makzie and Alaylan.  Our school did the 50s and we did the hands jib.  We kind of messed up.  Then Beth played the piano.  I did the cheerleader act with my friends.  They put the wrong song on at first but Laura got it changed to the correct song.  The song was a little to fast.  There were more acts.  There was a fashion show to show off the Best Buddies shirts. Morgan and Justin did the fashion show. So did my other friend Samantha and her buddy.   Patrick M did a dance to a Michael Jackson song.  There was another boy who sang a song to his date at the prom and everyone stood up and clapped.  There were others acts with one from Despicable Me and we all did the electric slide.  It was fun!

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