Talia Grossman questionnaire

By: Talia

Talia Grossman questionnaire

Talia Grossman knows me best as the disability advocate for inclusion and creation.

I want Talia to tell me more about the disability community.

I always remember Talia for her acts of kindness and care towards the disability community.

If I ever needed advice, I’d ask Talia on how to treat people with kindness including with those people with disabilities.


I’ve always admired Talia for her rights on disability advocating rights.


In another life, Talia would be spending time with Judy Heumann in the 1970s during the beginning of the American Disability Act.


One of my favourite memories of Talia is winning homecoming queen in college in the 2022-2023 school year and I’m so proud of her. Now she is lending the new homecoming queen her ideas and creativity to the CMSV community. 


The Chromosome 18 family reminds me of Talia.


I would love to spend time with Talia in her apartment ordering out food (I would say Mexican or healthy food for that matter) and watching a movie (I prefer watching a rom com or drama)


I really want Talia to know that she loves music from Duran Duran to Taylor Swift.


If I needed to make a fast exit, I’m sure that Talia wouldn’t mind being absent from social media and having bad days.


She loves her emotional support dog Lloyd but hates her dog scratching her legs all of the time, because he wants to get attention.


Talia is the only person I know that can help out with Sharing the Arts for Beauty and the Beast and other performances.


If there was a book about her life, It would be titled My Life with 18q- and Autism: Disability rights and advocating for yourself and others.


If Talia owned a shop It would be called Talia’s Antiques and Thrift Store.


If Talia came for dinner, I  would make her Swedish meatballs.


She  likes anything or everything she could ask for are records for her record player, antiques, thrifting clothes, and going out in NYC for a Broadway show or taking a ballet class with NYCB.


If I could, I would give her  for her late birthday present is a bunch of records from Amazon or a thrift shop somewhere.


Something that really surprises me about Talia is her passion for music.


If the world were upside down, Talia would save the world by getting everyone to get vaccinated for Covid 19, Flu, RSV, Polio, TDAP, and other medical ideas for everyone in the world.

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