The Big Apple

By: Bailey

The Big Apple

I just spent a day in one of my favorite places – New York City!  My cousin Roxy and I took a bus trip there.  It started super early in the morning because I had to be at the school where she teaches before 5 AM and that school is an hour drive from my house!  And I am totally NOT a morning person, but it was so worth it.  It was funny because she and I had absolutely no plans.  Everyone else on the bus had things they wanted to do, places they wanted to see, had tickets for shows but Roxy and I have learned that sometimes it is fun to be completely spontaneous!  When the bus dropped us off in Times Square, we went to the Palace Theatre where we snagged rush tickets for An American in Paris…only $32 each!  Then we took a long subway ride to Coney Island, a place neither one of us have ever been to but wanted to see.  It is probably really cool to see during tourist season, but it was a beautiful day to just walk on the boardwalk and along the pier.  And of course we ate hotdogs at Nathan’s!  How could we not?!

The Big Apple 1

We returned to the Palace Theatre to see the show, which was absolutely breathtaking.  I loved the costumes, the story, the humor, and most of all the dancing.  Being a dancer myself, I loved every step and move.  And the lead female, Leanne Cope, was exquisite!  She is such a remarkable ballerina and makes something so soft and elegant look effortless and sexy.  We finished our time in the Big Apple by eating at John’s Pizzeria, which is one of my favorite places in the city.  It is an old church that they turned into a pizzeria.  So, for not having any plans it ended up being a most perfect day with my cousin.  I can’t wait until my next big adventure in the city.

The Big Apple 2

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