The New Streetcar

By: Grace

The New Streetcar
Yay!  The new Cincinnati streetcar is here.  We have 4 streetcars that go along a path in our city.  I have been excited about riding on it because it reminds me of the American Girl Doll Kit, who was from Cincinnati in the 1930s.  I took her with me for the ride on the new streetcar. She was hiding in my Positive Exposure bag. Doesn’t it look good in the pictures?  That is my dad with me too.
I also went to see the play The Diary of Anne Frank at the Shakespeare Company. It was really good. When the nazis came at the end I got a little scared, but I am over it now and I am so proud of myself. I can’t wait to tell my 9th grade history teacher that I got through a play that was set during the Holocaust.
I’ll blog again soon.

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