The Nut Chute

Hello. How are you? I’m good but get pretty sad whenever someone mentions candy, chocolate, Willy Wonka, nuts, brats, chutes, golden tickets, buckets, and Saturdays.

Willy Wonka is over.  It’s really sad but the two performances were great.  My dad saw the evening performance and didn’t know anything about the show.  All of the parents who had seen the afternoon performance talked about my body dive into the chute.  So he was waiting and waiting, he didn’t know that it was in the last 15 minutes of the show.  Finally when it happened he was dying of laughter, at least that’s what my older sister claims.

Only the cast and crew (and my parents) knew the secret of me and the nut chute.  I didn’t just body dive into the chute, I also did a flip into a pit (the nut chute) of foam and pool inflatables.  People with dwarfism are not supposed to do gymnastics so I took a big risk.  Lucky for me the only side effect was my hand burning up after landing on it.

The rest of the show was incredible.  My favorite scenes were Outside the Bucket Shack, Veruca, Violet Radio Station, Home of Mike Teavee, Two Weeks Later- Snowy Streets, Outside Wonka’s Factory, Factory Reveal Sequence, The Chocolate Smelting Room, Pink Candy Boat, The Inventing RoomThe Nut Room, and… End Of The Tour.

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