The Poem!

By: Erica

The poem, copyright Erica Perry
Once apon a time in 1993, there was a young girl as sad as could be, she sat in her school toilets and cried woe is me, she faced laughter and bullying and people being mean, how could this happen, she was a beautiful young lady, or so she thought, funny looking glasses, a crooked nose, one that dripped so horribly so, her arms were bent, fingers and toes few, but what did that matter when her brain and heart was whole, she begged to switch schools, her mother said no, this experience will make you strong, and so it did, she went on to do amazing things, she went on TV, she went overseas, she visited classes and stopped the bullies, she had some operations which straightened the nose, the Drs stopped the drips and made her feel better, now she still gets stared at, but they are marvelling at me, here was a girl quiet as can be, but, now how amazing is she!

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