the president that we currently have in office

By: Zach

My thoughts on Trump let’s just start off by saying that I can’t stand him at all. The laws and rules and regulations he has put into place and he doesn’t even follow them himself. first he was the one that implemented the mask law for crying out loud and does he follow it nope, like anything law wise he doesn’t follow his own laws. and for those of you who watched the debate all the lies he has committed and the felonies and all that throughout the last four years. I’ll save the debate talk for the end of this one. Like the major topics I wanna cover which I find the most controversial is the killing of.  george floyd the way i see it he was only trying to provide for his family and the police and they were white police, caught him with what they thought was a counterfeit twenty dollar bill and without any conversation with floyd they ended his life that’s why the whole #icantbreathe hashtag went viral due to the suffacation of george floyd rip to him and his family told the news that he was kind hearted and gentle soul. and i’m just speaking my mind. and trump interrupting a peaceful riot with military police in washington for no reason pepper spray and tear gas and all just so he can go to a church for a photoshoot and to my knowledge the bible he was holding was upside down. and i have been post like there is no tomorrow on tiktok and twitter just to prove my point that he’s the definition of the 3 C crook criminal and convicted. so he’s just an all around cruel heartless person and what sickens me the most is that he made fun of a special needs new york times reporter in front of his everso fading supporters I think the reporter has cerebral palsy. Now onto the final section of the debate. I every last bit of it and it was a freaking cat and mouse chase and of course trump breaking all the rules and the moderator told him i appeal you to stop talking and trump telling all the lies he could and just being a complete bully and making every lie about joe biden’s kids and all that. One was the bidens son fought in iraq and won the bronze star and trump is calling him a loser. and his other son had a cocaine addiction and trump said with ukraine and russia he owes them tens and millions of dollars and that was all a false lie and biden called him out. The moral of this one is if voting not to tell you who to vote for, just be smart and read about candidates carefully and choose wisely.

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