These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

By: Bailey

Favorite Color:  Blue
Favorite Animal:  Elephant
Favorite Pet:  Dog
Favorite City:  New York City
Favorite Country I’ve Visited:  Romania
Favorite Foods:  Tuna noodle casserole, tacos, or Swedish pancakes
Favorite Books:  Bible, To Kill a Mockingbird, Redeeming Love
Favorite Authors:  Thomas Hardy, Jodi Picoult, Francine Rivers, Nicholas Sparks
Favorite Movies:  Beauty & the Beast, Crazy Stupid Love
Favorite Movie:  Genres – romantic comedy, musical, movies inspired by true stories
Favorite Classic Film:  The Bluebird of Happiness
Favorite Childhood Idol:  Shirley Temple
Favorite TV Shows:  So You Think You Can Dance, Downton Abbey, Castle, and my guilty pleasure is The Bachelor/Bachelorette
Favorite Old TV Show:  Saved By the Bell, Friends
Favorite Gemstone:  Pearl or sapphire
Favorite Flower:  Yellow tulips
Favorite Artist:  Carrie Underwood
Favorite Style of Music:  Country (though I also enjoy listening to worship, Broadway, jazz, classical, oldies, and some pop)
Favorite Instrument:  Piano, cello
Favorite Drink:  Milk
Favorite Fruit:  Blackberries, strawberries, pineapple
Favorite Flavor:  Lemon, though chocolate is an awful close second
Favorite Ice Cream:  Strawberry, cookie dough
Favorite Candy Bar:  Take 5
Favorite Restaurant:  Cracker Barrel
Favorite Smell:  Snuggle fabric softener (reminds me of home)
Favorite Sound:  Birds singing in the morning, tap dancing
Favorite Sport to Watch:  Football
Favorite Sports Team:  Steelers
Favorite Athletes:  Troy Polamalu, Tim Tebow
Favorite Number:  7
Favorite Subject in School:  French, Geography
Favorite Car:  Volkswagen Beetle
Favorite Cookie:  No bakes
Favorite Season:  Fall
Favorite Part of Nature:  Starry nights
Favorite Month:  June
Favorite Holiday:  Christmas
Favorite Decade:  1930s


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