Things I’ve Learned

Things I’ve Learned

Several things I’ve learned using a white cane on campus:
1.  Atlanta’s humidity makes it impossible to fold a cane.
2.  People really don’t pay attention where they’re walking.  (I shouldn’t be maneuvering around so many people.  I think it’s suppose to be the other way around, no?)
3. Some people have no idea what to do if they see me walking with a cane and stop in the middle of my path.  Again, just go around me.  Please don’t stand there like a deer in the headlights.  (This is actually one of my pet peeves.)
4. Although using red bricks to indicate that parts of campus are pedestrian friendly, the ground is ridiculously uneven!  I might need another marshmallow tip in the near future if it continues to get stuck between bricks.




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