This week

By: Byron

The past week has been tons of fun, Rugby season is starting up when we come back from winter break, but last weekend was the Pac 7 championship on the Pac 12 network. It was held in Tucson so I helped out with a lot of it. Teams such as Stanford, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, Arizona, and UCLA were participating in it. Because it was on TV there were tons of things to do, but my main job was in the press box working with the officials. After spending eight hours there I went back to campus where our football team was playing Colorado. I went to the game which was fun, but we lost. During the week, there were two basketball games which I attended. We played CSU Bakersfield which we won  and Sacred Heart which we won as well. Sacred Heart is a school in Connecticut close to where I lived in Boston. I have a friend who went to my high school and currently attends Sacred Heart. Because I was at the game on Friday, we were having a little competition between the two of us. It turned out well for me because Arizona won.

On Thursday I am flying to Los Angeles to spend the weekend wth one of my moms friend and her family given it is a long weekend. I am looking forward to getting out of Tucson for 48 hours, but when I get back my only focus will be on finals which start less than two weeks after I return to Tucson. Thats it for now.

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