This Week

Hi. How are you? I’m fine, I guess. Not really. My baby sister had to stay home three days in a row, which made homeschooling difficult. Today Talia is sick and has to stay home. It is very dreary outside which means everyone is moving very slow and the day is taking forever. My mom is practically broken also. She had her neck surgery almost four months ago and has a concussion. She needs brain rehab, physical therapy for her hip and back and an x-ray on her hip. Also I have an audition on Saturday and I can’t practice often because my singing is to much stimulation for my mom. I really want to get into one of the two shows I am auditioning for but it’s professional theatre and that’s a big deal. Also if I get in it would mess up my family’s whole summer. But my parents are amazing and know this is something that I really want and support me. Also our Saturday is SUPER busy.

10:00am: My audition which COULD take awhile
10:30am: Irina and Talia have a birthday party to get to.
1:00pm: Talia has another birthday party to attend
2:30pm: Irina has another birthday party to attend.

I also bet you that we have quite a few other things that we will have to miss or don’t even know about. I know that I can’t make it to my Aristocats rehearsal because of my audition. The two shows I am auditioning for are Evita and Fiddler on The Roof. 

Hope your week has been better than mine!!!

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