This Week

I had Monday and Tuesday off because it was fall break.

Unfortunately I have three classes Today…. until 3:45pm. I know this sounds sad to most high schooler’s but at college you usually have classes scattered around the week i.e. Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday).  Also I don’t have the same classes every day.  I am not sure how I decided to plan my schedule this way.

Thursday, I only have an 830 class but I have a meeting and a party to go to.  The meeting is mandatory and at a different campus.  The party is for my sorority and I really want to go. I was supposed to bring a date but I’m guess I’m too cool since I was too lazy to find one. :)

I will probably regret going to classes on Friday.

This weekend: I’ll just be studying for another exam (I’m not sure where these things come from, I just finished all my midterms last week. :(

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  1. pearls2017 July 22, 2017 at 9:19 pm - Reply

    Hi Byron,

    Our names our Sonya, Sam, and Alyssa and we are in a Masters program at UC Irvine to become future high school teachers! We were interested in your experience with hemispherectomy and have really loved reading your blog. We also wanted to ask you a few questions:

    1) What were some of the challenges or highlights of college so far? How has your disability affected you in college?

    2) Have you been involved in any athletic activities in college? If yes, can you describe your involvement?

    3) What kind of social activities are you involved in? Can you describe your group of friends?

    4) You mention that people have called you Harry Potter in the past due to your scar. Have you received any other nicknames, and how do you feel about the nicknames that you’ve been given in the past?

    Thanks Byron!!

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