Turning 21!

Turning 21!

It was a big birthday for me this year so I asked to go to New York City. My whole family went and we stayed overnight in a hotel.

My favorite thing to do in New York City is shopping! I went to the Hello Kitty store, Lego store, M&M store and the Nintendo store. My favorite store, Toys R Us in Times Square is closed so I couldn’t go there. At the Nintendo store I got a blind bag mini figure of Mario.

My mom thought it would be fun to try something different and do an escape room. I was just along for the ride and just watched them try and find the clues and figure out how to escape out of 4 rooms. It was pretty hard and they needed a little help to get out but we did make it out!


For dinner we went to a Korean barbeque restaurant. It was pretty cool. They cook the food right in the middle of your table.




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