Tutti Concert (3 entries)

Tutti Concert (3 entries)

1> I had my Tutti concert at Marywood University I played Working in Harmony, Piano party, and the Tutti travelers theme on the piano.  We sang “ How far I’ll go”, from the movie Moana. I also introduced the next piece. Katherine, Faith, and all my friends from Tutti were there on stage. The parents came , my aides and some friends. It was a great concert.

2> Today is a big day for me because I had my Tutti concert at Marywood University. I am getting ready to play the piano and sing.

3> For the Tutti concert my  mom, Liz and Mickey Daryl Megan Preston Kevin and Tiffany and Kelsey came to watch. Katherine and Faith were my helpers for my Tutti Program. Daryl gave me a vase of flowers . I gave flowers to all the Tutti members and friends who came to the show. It was a great concert. My mom and my friends were so proud of my achievements. I will send the videos separately.


Here is a Video of Tutti concert where we were singing

 It was amazing . Click here



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