Unlocking Nostalgia

By: Zach

I just want to start off this blog by saying this as i am prepping for my vacation i was scrolling through tiktoks for you page and for you all who don’t know what that is that’s the community page for all the content creators on the app. And I came across a video you all might remember if you’re from the 80s and 90s reading the rainbow theme song and that unlocked so much nostalgia from my childhood and i havent heard it in forever. To be quite honest I have forgotten all about that show until tonight. Man, as soon as I heard childhood and nostalgia instantly unlocked, carrying on to part two another thing that unlocks my nostalgic feelings is seeing images or my old school gaming consoles and images from the nineties. It could be anything like images of 90s board games and candies and toys and things like that. Let me end off by saying that I will forever be a product of the nineties. Those were the best moments of my life and i can’t stress that enough. So if you ever hear me talk about my past and all the old school things I just want you all to think back and take you time to gaze upon this blog post. The final thing is this pokemon was a massive part of life from the video games to the anime and the trading card game. I remember vividly going to my brother’s pre-release tournaments and all that and now this all a distant memory, rip to the nineties my version of the golden years.

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