Upcoming Christmas Fun

By: Mia

I’m super excited for Christmas this year! My break started off really well when I got A’s on all of my final exams. This year for Christmas we will stay home until the day after Christmas, after that we will go to my grandma & grandpa’s house. We will spend about 4 days there visiting family and stuff, and then we will go to my other Grandparents’ house. We will stay there for the rest of the break and visit family and stuff. Then we’ll come home.

Here’s my Christmas wish list. On Christmas I will say what I got off of the list…..

  • Trampoline
  • Polaroid camera refills
  • Hair band bracelets
  • Clothes
  • A kindle fire
  • A swell water bottle
  • DIY macaroon making kit
  • Desk supplies
  • Crafts
  • A wallet
  • Willow tree
  • Tule in all colors (for making wreaths)
  • Shower speaker
  • Double corner zip wristlet in pebble leather in silver/saddle


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!!

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